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Youngtown AZ: 5 High Speed Internet Providers


HughesNet Internet Plans in Youngtown, Arizona

HughesNet is satellite-based internet, which is great for locations without access to tradition cable or dsl internet. With the launch of Gen5 in Mid-2017, You can now get 25 MB/s down, which is more than enough to watch your favorite streaming videos.

10 GB Plan

2 year agreement

25 Mb/s


20 GB Plan

2 year agreement

25 Mb/s


30 GB Plan

2 year agreement

25 Mb/s


50 GB Plan

2 year agreement

25 Mb/s


Cox Communications

Cox Internet Essential

12 Months

15 Mb/s

$63.99 $29.99

Cox Internet Preferred 100

12 Months

100 Mb/s

$84.99 $49.99

Cox Internet Ultimate

12 Months

300 Mb/s

$104.99 $69.99

Disclaimer: Not all Cox Communications service plans are available at all addresses. Please confirm with your representative.


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High Speed Internet Providers in Arizona

Cable Internet Providers in Youngtown, Arizona

Cox Communications

Cox Communications Internet Plans

Cox Communications TV Plans

DSL Internet Providers in Youngtown, Arizona

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dishNET Wireline, L.L.C Internet Plans

dishNET Wireline, L.L.C TV Plans

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Global Capacity Internet Plans

Global Capacity TV Plans

Fiber Optic Internet Providers in Youngtown, Arizona

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