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San Antonio DSL Internet Providers and Services

Number of Providers 2 2 neutral marker0%8 down arrow-75%
Total Number of Packages Offered 22 22 neutral marker0%275 down arrow-92%
Avg. Packages per Provider 11 11 neutral marker0%34 down arrow-67.65%
Package Price Range $48.95 - $74.99 $48.95 - $74.99 neutral marker0%$24.95 - $150.75 up arrow20.84%
Avg. Package Price $57.63 $57.63 neutral marker0%$47.69 up arrow20.84%
Promotions Currently Available 2 2 neutral marker0%16 down arrow-87.5%
Avg. Length of Promotion 434 days 434 days neutral marker0%403 days up arrow7.69%

Is DSL high speed internet less expensive in San Antonio compared to the rest of the United States? If you are interested in DSL high speed internet the information above will tell you whether service in your neighborhood is on par with other cities.

Currently, you will find 2 DSL high speed internet service providers in San Antonio which is -75% more than the national average. They are offering a total of 22 packages with the average cost per offer at $57.63. There are also 2 promos available with each individual promotion normally running 434 days.

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DSL High Speed Internet Services - How Everything Works

As high speed internet users evolve past dial-up internet service and begin utilizing high speed plans, by far the most readily available and cost-effective alternatives is DSL high speed internet. DSL refers to Digital Subscriber Line, and it delivers quicker connecting speeds and convenience to its clients.

DSL high speed internet functions, like dial-up high speed internet services, via a client's land phone line. However, DSL relies on a another technique that needs a higher-frequency line, that produces much faster high speed internet compared to dial-up. This kind of digital line sends the signal from the DSL office out to the DSL modems that customers have got within their residences and linked to their personal computers. The modem next reads the information and directs it to the computer in the form of an interpretable signal, that allows for internet accessibility.

As a consequence of competition with other high speed internet plans DSL products went through advancements and improvements in recent years. Strengthening line conditions and reducing electronic interference and noise on the DSL, for example, are just a few upgrades. There've been methods developed to increase power efficiency in order to deliver the speed the consumer is paying for.

Advantages of Selecting DSL Internet Service

The benefits of DSL high speed internet include above all a fast high speed internet connection. DSL is a lot quicker than dial-up service, that provides for quicker site loads and quicker streaming of audio and video.

Additionally it is normally less expensive than other high speed internet plans and needs minimal equipment for installation. Because the service uses phone lines that most customers already have in place, the sole thing needed is modem installation. Despite the fact that DSL high speed internet uses telephone lines, customers are still able to make and receive phone calls while using the internet.

People that would benefit most out of the service are the ones that need their high speed internet to be quicker than dial-up at a reasonably low price. People that are somewhere near a DSL central office will benefit also, because the closer a user is to one of these offices, the quicker the speed of the connection is going to be.

Leading DSL High Speed Internet Service Providers

AT&T is a top rated provider of DSL high speed internet, and has competitive prices. They offer DSL packages bundled with phone plans or on its own, and a security suite for up to 10 PCs.

Verizon is one of the largest DSL high speed internet service providers in the nation therefore their services are easily accessible in most cities. A Verizon DSL offer consists of the DSL modem, 4 GB of storage space for a own website, complimentary wireless router and 24/7 help with live technicians.

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