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Satellite TV - What You Need to Know Before Choosing a Satellite Service

Satellite TV is a form of television reception that is sent through a telecommunications satellite and received through a personal satellite dish and receiver box. The concept first began in 1962 when a broadcast was sent from Europe to North America. It took many years to develop from that point. The nationwide system wasn't created until the late 1970’s, more than a decade after the technology first took off.

Read on to learn more about how satellite TV services are delivered, who the top satellite TV providers are and much more.


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How Satellite TV Works

Satellite TV uses two separate types of satellites to broadcast programming. A geostationary satellite system, stationed nearly 23k miles in space and an orbiting satellite system that circles the earth every 12 hours. Signals from these satellites are sent to relay stations around the world to keep programming flowing without delay.

In the early years of satellite television a person needed to purchase a very large dish to place on their property. Channels were limited and the amount of people that could accommodate or afford this type of system was rare. Nowadays, technology has advanced so much, and the opportunity to build smaller components that receive higher quality programming has increased the amount of people that use these systems a hundredfold.


The Benefits of Satellite TV Service

While satellite TV offers many benefits including HD programming, enhanced features that allow for interaction via remote and DVR capabilities, there is still the issue of rain. When a large rain storm passes over the area, some people may lose communication with the satellite for a brief time.

On the positive side, satellite television is great for people that live in rural areas that cannot be serviced by any other means. People living in sparsely populated areas can access this type of programming effortlessly. Now that satellite TV providers are also offering amenities such as satellite internet, customers around the world can have access to extended programming and take advantage of bundle package deals that save you even more money.


Top Satellite TV Providers

DISH is one of the top satellite service providers in the country. They offer a large variety of satellite TV packages and services to meet even the most demanding customer's needs. They broadcast in digital quality and have added local HD programming to their line up.

DISH has also teamed up with satellite internet providers to offer their customers the ability to receive high speed satellite internet service at a bundle price. This combination of goods and services has made DISH a favorite among satellite users.