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High Speed Internet - Service Providers and Internet Access Options

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Trying to decide which high speed internet plan is best for you? Keep reading to learn more about internet access options, speeds and more.

Which High Speed Internet Service is Right for You?

The internet has become a powerful tool that allows you to stay in touch with friends and family, work remotely from home, download media for entertainment on your own schedule and much more. Internet service providers (ISPs) understand that your internet needs are unique and now they offer more options for high speed internet than ever before.

What is High Speed Internet?

When the internet was first introduced in the mid-1990’s, the only option was what’s known as dial-up service. Dial-up brings internet access into the home using a local phone number and active phone line. At the time this was a good solution for many people since most already had a home phone.

However, internet speed tended to be slow and depended on your location. As the internet grew to include more robust media and websites many found they needed a faster internet service. The other drawback was that in order to access the internet the phone line used as the connection had to be free.

Internet Service Providers turned to cable and digital subscriber lines (DSLs) to deliver speedier internet services. These methods are often referred to as “broadband”. Over the years, the measurement for what’s considered high speed has changed as the services have improved.

Today, the FCC considers an internet service to be high speed if it has data download or upload speeds greater than 768,000 bits per second (768 Kbps).  The speed of your high speed internet can still vary depending on a few factors such as how much bandwidth you share with other subscribers using your ISP and your proximity to your ISP.

Those interested in high speed internet can choose between cable internet, DSL internet, satellite internet or fiber optic internet services.

Cable Internet Services and Providers

Cable internet services use the same connections as cable TV to provide subscribers with internet access. In order to make the connection there is a cable modem at the users end and a cable modem termination system at the cable operators end. The distance between the modem and termination system can be as much as 100 miles without any problems occurring.

Cable high speed internet can operate at up to 105 Mbps and when using cable internet services you share bandwidth with other subscribers.  The network monitor makes sure that bandwidth is distributed efficiently so that service doesn&rdquot; slow during hours when overall usage peaks.

There are a number of service provider options for cable internet. XFINITY ® Comcast, Time Warner Cable®, and Cox Communications are the leading cable internet service providers throughout most of the country.

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DSL Internet Services and Providers

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) internet services transmit data using a copper telephone line. Unlike dial-up services, DSL works off of frequencies that aren’t used for making telephone calls by splitting the line in two – one for voice calls and one for internet use.

Digital subscriber lines run from a central office out to customers. Typically this limits DSL distribution to a short distance of 2 miles from the central office, though some lines run up to 5 miles long. This factor also affects the actual download and upload speeds.

The good news is that little to no infrastructure is involved and it is a true broadband internet service that transmits data at a rate of up to 10Mbps. DSL also provides better reliability and security than some other options because it is being delivered by a phone line that often isn’t shared.

Top DSL service providers include AT&T and Verizon. You can check to see DSL options from providers in your area by calling the toll free number or entering your address in the secure search box above.

Satellite Internet Services and Providers

Satellite internet services use orbiting satellites to capture and relay broadband data between a satellite company and its customers.

This means data must travel to the satellites and back over thousands of miles before it reaches the end user. Despite having to transmit data over many miles, satellite internet is capable of delivering download speeds of up to 10Mbps which makes it a truely high speed internet connection. Satellite internet is ideal for those wanting high speed internet in rural areas where other options may not be readily available.

dishNET from DISH is one of th eleading providers of advanced satellite internet services today.

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Fiber Optic Internet Services and Providers

Fiber optic is the newest way to bring high speed internet into the home. Networks made up of thousands of fiber optic cables transfer data through pulses of light. For those wanting super fast high speed internet access, fiber optic is a great option. Fiber optic networks are well known for their ability to transmit data at rates of up to 50 Mbps.

Currently, XFINITY ® from Comcast and AT&T offer fiber optic/copper hybrid services but 100% fiber optic internet services are only available through Verizon FiOS. Fiber optic internet service for residences began in 2006 and the service areas are continuously being expanded.

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