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Number of Providers 3 8 down arrow-62.5%
Total Number of Packages Offered 125 216 down arrow-42.13%
Avg. Packages per Provider 42 27 up arrow55.56%
Package Price Range $33.00 - $130.00 $19.99 - $150.75 up arrow21.68%
Avg. Package Price $54.84 $45.07 up arrow21.68%
Promotions Currently Available 1 6 down arrow-83.33%
Avg. Length of Promotion 265 days 378 days down arrow-29.89%

Keeping connected to friends and family in North Carolina hasn't been cheaper or easier. We offer consumers up to date statistics and data that report the latest North Carolina phone prices, plans and providers. Additionally, there are national statistics which they can use to compare phone products and services in NC against rest of the country.

To illustrate, using this information you'll find that there are presently 3 phone service providers in North Carolina selling an overall total of 125 various plans within the state. The prices of these home phone plans range from $33.00 - $130.00 with the latest average rate at $54.84 per phone plan.

Find out exactly how these North Carolina home phone plans rival the U.S. average above. Need to decide which telephone plan is the best solution for you? Continue reading to understand more about telephone plans and what you should contemplate before you select a service provider and package.

Which Home Phone Option is Right for You?

Talking with loved ones, whether you're at your house or out and about, is now simpler than ever. But which phone service supplies the most value for your money?

That will depend on how you wish to stay connected and where you need to call and receive telephone calls from. Below are only a couple of factors to take into consideration prior to deciding on which phone provider and plan to go with.

Local Phone Service

What is actually regarded as local differs by provider, where you reside and which phone service you have. Local might be:

  • Your city or county
  • Your state
  • The United State
  • The U.S. as well as its territories
  • Your supplier's network

The majority of phone plans now cover unlimited local calls in the monthly fees, yet it's not unusual for plans to restrict local calls at a certain number of minutes then charge extra fees for each minute you go above that.

Long-distance Telephone Services

Have friends and family living outside of the U.S. or in another state? Have a business with a world-wide market?

Just like local calling areas, what exactly is thought to be long-distance varies according to numerous factors. Nevertheless, international calls will almost always be considered long-distance. You'll want to clearly comprehend which areas are considered long-distance since it's likely you'll incur extra charges on those calls.

Home Phone Service Providers and Packages

Home phones have been a staple in households for many years, and for many reasons. A home phone line keeps you linked to your family and friends, can allow for internet connection, and even save your life in the instance of a critical emergency.

The calling features that are included in your home phone service varies greatly from one provider to the next. Most offer low cost plans offering basic call features like call waiting, three-way calling and more. However, there's dozens of calling features available and if you aren't careful you may find yourself paying more for features you'll never use.

Major telephone service providers like Cox Communications allow consumers to choose precisely what features they would like to include in their phone service. Other service providers like Time Warner Cable and Comcast offer reasonably priced plans that package together in demand calling features.

Find the best telephone plans and service providers near you - call the toll-free telephone number above to find out about local telephone promotions or input your address in the box above to instantly compare offers.