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Number of Providers 2 2 neutral marker0%8 down arrow-75%
Total Number of Packages Offered 50 50 neutral marker0%275 down arrow-81.82%
Avg. Packages per Provider 25 25 neutral marker0%34 down arrow-26.47%
Package Price Range $48.95 - $74.99 $48.95 - $74.99 neutral marker0%$24.95 - $150.75 up arrow20.84%
Avg. Package Price $57.63 $57.63 neutral marker0%$47.69 up arrow20.84%
Promotions Currently Available 2 2 neutral marker0%16 down arrow-87.5%
Avg. Length of Promotion 434 days 434 days neutral marker0%403 days up arrow7.69%

Trying to find info about the most recent fiber optic internet providers, prices and plans in Dallas? See how local services compare with the national averages. The data above highlights the most recent fiber optic high speed internet statistics for both Dallas as well as the nation overall.

Above you'll see that now there's 2 fiber optic high speed internet service providers in Dallas selling 50 plans that vary in cost from $48.95 - $74.99. Providers are additionally offering 2 various special deals on their fiber optic high speed internet services.

Read on to explore fiber optic high speed internet services, how the technology functions, who the top service providers are and ways to obtain the best deals in your area.

How Fiber Optic Internet Works

High speed internet service continues to grow and expand to provide a assorted array of service selections. The most recent type of high speed internet service is fiber optic high speed internet.

Fiber optic Internet service works by delivering data through fiber optic cables, that are made up of compact glass strands. The cables transfer signals to a center outside the client's house, which then sends the data via the Ethernet cable attached to the client's router device. The client's PC, set up with a card that has the ability to interpret this data, then receives the signal from the router.

Internet which runs solely by means of fiber optics is a relatively new technology. However, fiber optic systems are evolving to the level that it is becoming available to more and more people at a quicker rate, with more affordable costs for installment and operation soon to follow.

Benefits of Selecting a Fiber Optic Broadband Internet Service

Because the LED lights involved in fiber optic high speed internet pulsate so rapidly, the signal is transmitted at the swiftest speeds available. This extremely fast speed is one of the top benefits of fiber optic high speed internet. Fiber optic high speed internet is additionally a very reliable type of high speed internet service because the connection is not affected by variations in weather or other kinds of electronic disturbances, due to the properties of its components.

People who get the most from fiber optic high speed internet are users who need a fast, solid high speed internet connection, particularly companies which need a continuous connection to sustain their operations. Additionally, it's excellent for those who find themselves frequently using Skype, as fiber optic internet's broadcast of video and voice is extremely rich in quality. Any frequent users of the high speed internet, especially college students that may perform a great deal of online research, is going to be served well by this kind of high speed internet service.

Top Fiber Optic Broadband Internet Companies

Verizon FiOS® is the earliest and sole 100% fiber optic network for residential use. Verizon FiOS® provides high speed internet services with up to 50 Mbps download speeds. In addition to the quickest online performance Verizon FiOS® plans come with free emails, wed storage and wi-fi.

Comcast utilizes the most recent fiber optic technology in their patented PowerBoost® to offer higher speeds, so you can download music, video, games, documents, and photos faster than you ever believed was possible.

AT&T is amongst the few service providers that presently provide more reliable, faster, top quality high speed internet service via their AT&T U-verse® network which happens to be partially powered by fiber optics. It's the many extras people have come to expect from an AT&T high speed internet connection as well as a ton more like an integrated wireless network and exclusive access to AT&T's wi-fi network.

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