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Number of Providers 1 7 down arrow-85.71%
Total Number of Packages Offered 64 298 down arrow-78.52%
Avg. Packages per Provider 64 43 up arrow48.84%
Package Price Range $74.99 - $74.99 $24.95 - $150.75 up arrow4.93%
Avg. Package Price $74.99 $71.47 up arrow4.93%
Promotions Currently Available 0 11 down arrow-100%
Avg. Length of Promotion 0 days 506 days down arrow-100%

The newest info shows that Louisiana at this time has 1 fiber optic TV companies. These 1 companies are selling 64 offers and 0 promos on their fiber optic TV products. Excluding all promos, the fiber optic offers range in cost from $74.99 - $74.99 with the average price of $74.99.

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How Fiber Optic TV Operates

Fiber optic TV works by way of fiber optic cables, which contain thousands of glass strands which send info via pulsating LED lights. This technology has the capacity to transfer a great deal of info simultaneously at extremely fast speeds. The fiber optic cables are attached to a receiver, that enables the info to be converted into a signal which a television can interpret. From the optical receiver, the fiber optic cables connect to the cable outlet, which in turn sends the signal to the TV set. Every room which includes cable wiring can receive fiber optic TV with this setup.

Fiber optic TV is currently on the cutting edge of improvements in communication technology, including television service. Enhancements for this service include real-time info transmitting and the power to explore the web through the television.

The Advantages of Fiber Optic TV Over Other TV Services

The benefits of fiber optic TV include a high quality, clear picture, a reliable connection, and lots of various other programming options. Fiber optics enables television images to be brilliant and crystal-clear. Fiber optics are likewise not affected by storms, which makes them more reliable than various other varieties of television service. Fiber optic TV also offers a wide-ranging variety of programs. You may even be capable of geting access to online applications through your fiber optic TV service.

Regular television watchers would benefit most from the service, along with people that enjoy a number of extra features with their television service, and people that usually record television programs to view later.

Top Fiber Optic TV Companies

Verizon FiOS is the sole provider to offer one hundred percent fiber optic digital TV straight to customers inside their residences. This means that FiOS TV has a huge selection of channels at the best display quality attainable. Their service is also very trusted, so FiOS TV clients won't need to be concerned about disruptions as a result of power surges or extreme weather.

AT&T U-Verse services also offer clients digital TV that is partially powered through fiber optic to provide enhanced service. They also have U-verse high speed internet and telephone service which can be bundled together with digital TV options for the best rates possible.

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