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Television has come a long way since its early days with fuzzy black-and-white images. Today there’s a higher demand for sharp, clear images and reliable performance than ever, and the latest and greatest way to meet the demand for high-definition television is fiber optic TV service. Fiber optic TV is making its way into more markets as increasing numbers of people learn about the advantages the service provides.


How Fiber Optic TV Works

Fiber optic TV works through fiber optic cables, which contain thousands of glass strands that transmit data via pulsating LED lights. This technology is able to send a large amount of data at once at very fast speeds. The fiber optic cables are connected to a receiver, which allows the data to be translated into a signal that the television can read. From the optical receiver, the fiber optic cables connect to the cable outlet, which transmits the signal to the television set. Any room that has cable wiring will be able to receive fiber optic TV with this setup.

Fiber optic TV is currently on the leading edge of advancements in communication technology, including television service. Advancements to this service include real-time data transmission and the ability to browse the web from your television.


The Benefits of Fiber Optic TV

The benefits of fiber optic TV include a clear, high-quality picture, a reliable connection, and many additional programming features. Fiber optics enables television images to be brilliant and crystal-clear. Fiber optics are also unaffected by stormy weather, which can make them more reliable than some other kinds of television service. Fiber optic TV also offers an extensive array of channels. You may even be able to get access to online applications through your fiber optic TV service.

Frequent television watchers would benefit most from the service, along with people who enjoy a lot of extra features with their television service, and those who like to record television shows to watch later.


Top Fiber Optic TV Providers

Verizon FiOS ® is the only provider to offer 100% fiber optic digital TV directly to consumers in their homes. This means that FiOS TV has hundreds of channels at the highest picture quality possible. Their service is also highly reliable, so FiOS TV subscribers don’t need to worry about interruptions due to power surges or extreme weather.

AT&T U-verse ® services also offer subscribers digital TV that's partially powered through fiber optic to deliver a higher level of service. They also offer U-verse high speed internet and home phone service which can be bundled together with digital TV plans for the best prices possible.


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