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Number of Providers 3 8 down arrow-62.5%
Total Number of Packages Offered 25 275 down arrow-90.91%
Avg. Packages per Provider 8 34 down arrow-76.47%
Package Price Range $19.99 - $150.75 $24.95 - $150.75 up arrow38.25%
Avg. Package Price $65.93 $47.69 up arrow38.25%
Promotions Currently Available 4 16 down arrow-75%
Avg. Length of Promotion 0 days 403 days down arrow-100%

Needing details on the latest fiber optic internet providers, prices and plans in New Jersey? See how local companies compare with the nation's averages. The data above describes the latest fiber optic high speed internet statistics for both New Jersey along with the country as a whole.

Above you will find that there are 3 fiber optic high speed internet providers in New Jersey offering 25 packages that vary in cost from $19.99 - $150.75. Service providers are additionally providing 4 unique special deals on their fiber optic high speed internet services.

Read on to learn more about fiber optic high speed internet services, how the technology works, who the top rated providers are and ways to get the best offers available near you.

The Way Fiber Optic High speed internet Works

High speed broadband internet service continues to grow and expand to provide a assorted range of service selections. The newest form of high speed internet service is fiber optic high speed internet.

Fiber optic High speed internet service operates by sending info over fiber optic cables, which are constructed from tiny glass strands. The cables send signals to a center outside the user's home, which in turn sends the info through the Ethernet cable connected to the user's router device. The user's computer, installed with a card that has the ability to decipher the info, then gets the signal from the router.

High speed internet that works solely through fiber optics is a relatively recent technology. Even so, fiber optic technology is evolving to the degree that it is becoming accessible to many more people at a faster rate, with lower prices for installment and operation as well.

Benefits of Choosing a Fiber Optic Broadband Internet Service

Due to the fact the LED lights associated with fiber optic high speed internet pulsate so rapidly, the signal is transmitted at the swiftest speeds available. This amazingly quick speed is one of the main advantages of fiber optic high speed internet. Fiber optic high speed internet is also a very stable form of high speed internet service because the connectivity is not impacted by changes in weather or any other sorts of electronic disturbances, due to the properties of their components.

People who benefit most out of fiber optic high speed internet are users which have to have a fast, dependable high speed internet connection, specifically businesses that require a continuous connection to sustain their operations. It's also well suited for those who frequently use Skype, as fiber optic internet's transmission of voice and video is quite high in quality. All regular end users of the high speed internet, particularly students that might do a lot of online research, can be served effectively through this kind of high speed internet service.

Top Fiber Optic Broadband Internet Companies

Verizon FiOS® is the earliest and sole 100% fiber optic network for home use. Verizon FiOS® delivers high speed internet services with as much as 50 Mbps download speeds. Besides the quickest online performance Verizon FiOS® packages also have free emails, wed storage and wi-fi.

Comcast employs the latest fiber optic technology in their patented PowerBoost® to offer higher speeds, to help you download music, video, games, documents, and photos quicker than you ever believed possible.

AT&T is amongst the few providers which now supply more dependable, quicker, top quality high speed internet service via their AT&T U-verse® network that's partly powered with fiber optics. It is all the extras you can expect from an AT&T high speed internet connection plus a good deal more including an integrated wireless network and exclusive use of AT&T's wi-fi network.

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