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High speed internet service continues to evolve and expand to provide a diverse array of service options that all provide superior connectivity compared to dial-up internet. The newest type of high speed internet service is fiber optic internet. Keep reading to learn more about fiber optic internet services, how the technology works, who the top providers are and how to get the best deals in your area.


How Fiber Optic Internet Works

Fiber optic Internet service works by sending information (via signals that contain data) over fiber optic cables, which are made up of small glass strands. These cables transmit signals in the form of lasers to a hub outside the user’s home, which then sends the information through the Ethernet cable attached to the user’s router device. The user’s computer, installed with a card that can read this information, then receives the signal from the router.

Internet that works solely via fiber optics is a relatively new technology. However, fiber optic technology is advancing to the extent that it is becoming available to more and more people at a faster rate, with lower costs of installation and operation to follow.


Fiber Optic Internet Advantages

Because the LED lights involved in fiber optic high-speed internet pulsate so quickly, the signal is sent very fast. This extremely fast speed is one of the major benefits of fiber optic internet. Information can also be sent much further than with some other internet connections. Fiber optic internet also a very reliable type of internet service because the connectivity is not affected by changes in weather. This kind of internet service also does not run into difficulty when dealing with other kinds of electronic interference, due to the properties of its components.

People who would benefit most from fiber optic internet are those who require a fast, reliable internet connection, especially businesses that need an ongoing connection in order to maintain their operations. It is also ideal for people who are frequent users of Skype, as fiber optic internet’s transmission of video and voice is very high in quality. Any frequent users of the internet, especially college students who may do a lot of online research, would be served well by this type of high speed internet service.


Top Fiber Optic Internet Providers

Verizon FiOS® is the first and only 100% fiber optic network for home services. Verizon FiOS® delivers high speed internet services with up to 500 Mbps download speeds. In addition to the fastest online performance Verizon FiOS® packages also include free wi-fi, emails and web storage.

Xfinity ® from Comcast uses the latest fiber optic technology with their patented PowerBoost® to deliver higher speeds, so you can download music, video, games, documents, and photos quicker than you ever thought possible.

AT&T is among the few providers that now offer reliable, faster, higher quality internet service through their AT&T U-verse® network which is partially powered through fiber optics. It’s all the extras you can expect from an AT&T internet connection plus a whole lot more like a built in wireless network and exclusive access to AT&T’s wi-fi network.


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