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As internet users move away from dial-up internet service and begin using high speed services, one of the most readily available and affordable options is DSL internet. DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line, and it offers faster connecting speeds and ease of use to its subscribers.

DSL Internet Services - How Everything Works

DSL internet works, like dial-up internet service, via a user’s home telephone line. However, DSL uses a different technology that requires a higher-frequency line, which delivers much faster internet than dial-up. This is a kind of digital line that sends the signal from the DSL office to the DSL modems that users have in their homes and connected to their computers. The modem then processes the information and sends it to the computer in the form of an interpretable signal, which facilitates Internet access.

Because of the competition from other internet services, DSL services have undergone advancements and improvements over the years. Improving line conditions and reducing electronic interference and noise on the DSL, for instance, are some of the improvements. There have also been techniques developed to maximize power efficiency in order to provide the speed the user is paying for.

Benefits of Choosing DSL High Speed Internet

The benefits of DSL internet include first and foremost a fast internet connection. DSL is much faster than dial-up service, which allows for faster page loads and faster streaming of audio and video.

It is also typically cheaper than other internet services, and requires minimal equipment for setup. Since the service uses phone lines that most users already have in place, the only thing required is modem setup. Even though DSL internet uses the phone lines, users are still able to make and receive phone calls while online. This is due to the digital line that DSL uses to provide service to its users.

Those who would benefit most from the service are those who want their internet to be faster than dial-up at a relatively low price. Those who are located close to a DSL central office would benefit as well, since the closer a user is to one of these offices, the faster the speed of the connection is.

Top DSL Internet Service Providers

AT&T is the leading service provider of DSL high speed internet, and is competitive on pricing. They offer it bundled with home phone service or on its own, and a security suite for up to 10 computers.

Verizon is one of the largest DSL internet providers in the country, so they are easily available in most residential areas. A Verizon DSL package includes the DSL modem, 4 GB of web space for a personal website, free wireless router, 24/7 support toll free with live technicians and a 30-day money back guarantee.

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