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Today, there are more TV channels than ever before, and America Connects gives you more ways to enjoy them. Simply call the toll free number above for personal assistance or enter your address in the box above to find digital TV providers and the best-priced plans in your area.

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Which TV Service is Right for You?

Television has come a long way since its black and white days. In today's fast-paced, technologically advanced world viewers can do more with their televisions than they ever imagined possible just a few years ago. Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for digital TV services.

DVR Services –

A DVR service gives you better control over your programming so you can get the most for your money. There’s no need to work your schedule around your favorite shows. A DVR allows you to record programs for later and rewind, pause or stop a show you’re currently watching. A DVR service really delivers entertainment on your own schedule.


High Definition (HD) TV –

HD TV is quickly becoming a must have for discerning television viewers. HD provides a higher quality picture that really brings the screen to life in two ways. HDTV is in wide screen which gives it more of a movie-quality appearance and there are scan lines on the screen which greatly improves clarity and detail in the picture. Many televisions are already HD compatible so making the upgrade to HD is easy.

Digital Cable TV

Recently there has been a major shift in how TV stations deliver their programs. Every station across the country now broadcasts with 100% digital signals. While this has led to an improvement in picture quality and clarity it also means that viewers who hadn’t already made the switch must buy a digital TV, buy a converter box or get a converter box through a digital cable service provider.

In addition to better quality, digital cable TV allows cable providers to compress video channels and have two way communication with subscribers. These two benefits mean cable providers can deliver more TV channels, On Demand viewing, high speed internet, phone services and interactive features.

Leading digital cable providers include XFINITY ® from Comcast, Time Warner Cable® and Cox Communications. See which digital cable providers operate in your area by entering your address in the box above.

Digital Satellite TV

Satellite TV providers also have the ability to deliver the new digital TV technology, even to those who have analog televisions. Satellite TV works through a network of communication satellites that are in geostationary orbit. They capture the digital signals and relay them back down to earth to a satellite dish or receiver. Your satellite receiver translates digital signals in the same way that a digital converter box does, which eliminates any analog issues.  

Satellite TV offers hundreds of channels, On Demand viewing and HD programming. Dish is one of the top satellite TV providers in the country and has been making great improvements to their satellite TV services year after year.

Check on the availability of satellite TV services in your area by entering your address in the box or calling the toll free number above.

Fiber Optic TV

Fiber optic TV is the latest technology for bringing digital TV into the home.

Fiber optic TV utilizes fiber optic cables which have proven to be very durable and less susceptible to outside interferences like storms and static. This ensures that data transferred over the fiber optic network isn’t delayed or lost and comes through more clearly for the best picture possible.

Fiber optic TV delivers digital channels, HD programming and On Demand viewing. Currently Verizon FiOS® and AT&T U-verse® are the only residential fiber optic TV options in the U.S. However, whereas Verizon FiOS® is 100% fiber optic, AT&T U-Verse® is a hybrid fiber optic/copper combination.

Find out if Verizon FiOS® or AT&T U-verse® is available in your neighborhood by calling the number above or entering your address in the box above.