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Number of Providers 3 7 down arrow-57.14%
Total Number of Packages Offered 222 298 down arrow-25.5%
Avg. Packages per Provider 74 43 up arrow72.09%
Package Price Range $49.95 - $87.00 $24.95 - $150.75 up arrow2.25%
Avg. Package Price $73.08 $71.47 up arrow2.25%
Promotions Currently Available 3 11 down arrow-72.73%
Avg. Length of Promotion 453 days 506 days down arrow-10.47%

Discover how your cable TV plan measures up to the rest of Michigan and the nation. The dynamic data listed above is updated regularly to supply customers with the most up to date info on cable TV prices, packages and providers in the state of Michigan.

The most recent data update reveals that there's a total of 3 cable TV service providers in Michigan right now. Collectively these 3 cable TV service providers are presently providing on average package deals each, that vary in cost from $49.95 - $87.00. There are also 3 cable TV special offers being given to those interested in establishing service in MI.

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Find out What Cable TV Companies Have to Offer

For anyone who is in search of affordable cable TV specials then is where you need to be. We have one of a kind information and search tools which will make finding the right cable TV plan at the lowest cost a whole lot quicker and easier. Here we provide information on what to expect out of your cable TV company and the amenities to consider before you sign up for service.

Cable television is currently just shown in a digital format with a lot more hi-def (HD) stations being added daily. If you have DVR service there are many extra benefits like On-Demand programming, remote programming and Dolby surround sound.

Though some were hesitant about making the move to 100 percent digital cable, all audiences can now enjoy better display quality and clarity compared to the programming made available by the previous analog system.

Recent Improvements for Cable TV Products and Services

Digital programming has certainly enhanced television viewing, but you will find other additional capabilities which make enjoying your favorite cable TV shows all the more enjoyable.

As a result of all of the recent developments, many cable companies can now offer high-speed internet connections and telephone service employing the cables that supply their cable TV services. Being able to deliver numerous services using the same system means more affordable rates for customers. This interconnectivity also means you'll be able to now connect your TV with the internet.

Being able to connect a television with internet services has made cable TV much more interactive than it was before. Cable customers can now revise their social accounts from their TVs, plan recordings online when they are out and about and a whole lot more.

New technological developments also have triggered important improvements in the delivery of cable services. Cable TV viewers now experience far fewer signal interferences and delays than they did before. The creation of DVR services has also considerably altered how people watch cable TV now that they can easily record shows one at a time or for an entire season.

Major Cable TV Companies

Right now the leading cable TV service providers include Comcast, Cox Communications, and Time Warner Cable®. All of these service providers offer cable TV, broadband internet and home phone services which may be bought on their own or as a bundle package for bigger savings.

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