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Number of Providers 3 7 down arrow-57.14%
Total Number of Packages Offered 123 298 down arrow-58.72%
Avg. Packages per Provider 41 43 down arrow-4.65%
Package Price Range $42.95 - $74.99 $24.95 - $150.75 down arrow-5.09%
Avg. Package Price $67.83 $71.47 down arrow-5.09%
Promotions Currently Available 3 11 down arrow-72.73%
Avg. Length of Promotion 502 days 506 days down arrow-0.79%

Discover how your cable Television provider stacks up to the remainder of Florida and the nation. The dynamic data above is updated often to provide consumers with the most up-to-date info on cable TV packages, providers and plans within the state of Florida.

The latest data update reveals that there are a total of 3 cable television service providers in Florida at the moment. Together these 3 cable TV service providers are currently offering on average package deals a piece, that range in cost from $42.95 - $74.99. You can also find 3 cable TV promos being offered to individuals interested in establishing service in FL.

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Find out What Cable television Service Providers Have to Offer

Should you be searching for low-priced cable TV offers then is the place you should be. We've got unique search tools and information that make the process of finding the best cable TV plan for the best price a lot quicker and simpler. Here we showcase what you can expect from your cable TV service and the amenities to consider before you sign up for service.

Cable TV is now only displayed in a digital format with a lot more high-definition (HD) stations getting added daily. For people with DVR service there's lots of various other features like On-Demand programming, remote programming and Dolby surround sound.

Though some were uncertain about making the change to One hundred percent digital cable, all users can now enjoy better image quality and clarity when compared to programming provided by the old analog system.

Newest Enhancements for Cable TV Services

Digital programming has most certainly enhanced television viewing, but there's lots of other additional features which make watching your preferred cable TV programs a lot more satisfying.

As a consequence of all of the recent enhancements, many cable companies are now able to provide high speed internet accessibility and phone service using the cables that supply their TV services. The ability to provide a variety of services utilizing the same system translates to more affordable rates for consumers. This interconnectivity also means you'll be able to now sync your internet with your television.

Having the ability to link a TV with internet services has made cable TV much more interactive than it was in the past. Cable consumers can now update their social accounts from their TVs, plan recordings online while they're away from home and much more.

New technological developments have triggered major changes in the delivery of cable services. Cable television viewers now experience far fewer delays and signal interferences than they did before. The development of DVR services has also drastically altered the way people watch cable TV now that they have the ability to conveniently record shows one at a time or for a full season.

Leading Cable television Companies

Today the leading cable TV service providers include Comcast, Cox Communications, and Time Warner Cable®. All of these service providers offer cable TV, internet and home phone services that can be subscribed to separately or as a bundle package for greater savings.

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