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Cable TV Today - What You Need to Know Before Choosing a Cable Service

Cable TV can trace its roots back to the late 1920’s in Europe and the late 1940’s in the United States. Back then television was transmitted over the air waves but today cable TV is delivered to residences by transmitting television broadcasts using radio frequencies over a cable network. 

Broadcasts are transmitted over coaxial cables and connected to a receiver box in the home. This has been the traditional way to deliver cable services for many years, but technological advancements are rapidly changing how we consume cable TV.

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The Switch to Digital Cable TV

Cable television is now strictly shown in a digital format with more high definition (HD) channels being added every day. For people with DVR service there are many additional benefits like On-Demand programming, remote programming and Dolby surround sound.

Though some were hesitant about making the switch to 100% digital cable, all viewers can now enjoy better picture quality and clarity compared to the programming provided by the old analog system.


Latest Advancements in Cable TV Services

Digital programming has definitely improved television viewing, but there are many other new features that make watching your favorite cable TV programs even more enjoyable.

Due to all the recent advancements, many cable companies are now able to provide high speed internet access and telephone service through the same cables that deliver their television services. The ability to deliver mutilple services using the same infrastructure translates into lower costs for consumers. This interconnectivity also means that you can now sync your television with your internet.

Being able to link a television with internet services has made cable TV much more interactive than it was before. Cable consumers can now update their social accounts from their TVs, schedule recordings online while they're away from home and much more.

New technological breakthroughs have also led to major improvements in the delivery of cable services. Cable TV viewers now experience far fewer delays and signal interfernces than they did before. The introduction of DVR services has also greatly changed the way people watch cable TV now that they have the ability to easily record shows one at a time or for a full season.


Top Cable TV Providers

Currently the leading cable TV providers in the country include XFINITY ® from Comcast, Cox Communications, and Time Warner Cable®. Each of these providers offer cable TV, internet and home phone services that can be bought separately or as a bundle package for bigger savings.