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Cox Communications - Digital Cable, Telephone and High Speed Internet Service Plans that You Put Together

Cox Communication's slogan is; "it's not about being the biggest; it's about being the best." Cox is living up to its word and the enterprise has been growing considerably because of it. They've extended their expert services to states throughout the country, and have quickly become the 3rd largest cable provider in the country.

Since 1992 their sturdy, trusted broadband network and stellar customer support has earned them many awards and even more consumers. These days, Cox Communications delivers cable tv, phone and broadband internet services to over 6.2 million people.

Find Phoenix Cox Cable Services and Exclusive Savings

Cox Communications is quickly becoming an industry leader in supplying cable services that meet the communication and entertainment demands of busy Americans. Even though Cox is growing at an remarkable rate, their products and services aren't provided in every region.

Find out which Cox services and deals are available in your town. Just call the toll free number above to get started now or enter you address within the secure search form.


Phoenix Cox Digital Cable - Advanced TV Services

Cox started out as a cable TV business in the 1960's and they've been developing upon their products and services ever since. Their cable television services offer subscribers way more than the run-of-the-mill generic cable provided by other businesses. With Cox cable television you can do a lot more than merely watch your preferred programs.

Leading-edge Viewing Options from Cox Communications

The advanced viewing experience begins the second you turn your TV on and start browsing. The user-friendly Interactive Programming Guide from Cox Communications helps you to quickly navigate through hundreds of stations to find the shows you're looking for and uncover programming you might not have noticed before.

Other state-of-the-art features from Cox include:

HD TV for Free with Cox Cable

Looking for the clearest picture possible? How about the clearest picture possible at no extra charge? Unlike other service providers, HD TV from Cox cable is FREE - no exclusive deals needed. Customers can enjoy dozens of sports, local and premium HD programs.

Cox DVR Products and Services

Unlike other service providers, Cox subscribers don't need a phone line to record, play back, pause, fast forward or rewind their favorite programs. Cox's DVR products and services connect your cable with your interactive programming guide for seamless, enhanced TV viewing.

On Demand Service from Cox -

Get the most recent movie releases, shows, music and more whenever you want them with On Demand from Cox. Choose from thousands of programs without ever having to leave your living room.

Phoenix Cox Digital Cable TV Deals and Plans -

Cox features 3 digital cable plans as well as custom paks like the Premium Channel Pak, Movie Pak and Sports Pak to further customize your plan. With Cox cable you can enjoy:

  • Access to Up to 240 stations
  • Up to 8 Cox Advanced TV Paks to customize your Cox cable plan
  • Cox advanced TV digital service
  • As much as 3 Spanish language cable plans
  • Programs from all over the world
  • Free HD TV
  • Simple to use, interactive functionality to help you get the most out of your cable services

Want to find Cox digital cable deals in your area? For the speediest service call our toll free number or enter your address within the secure search form.

Phoenix Cox High Speed Internet Services

Need high-speed internet that actually lives up to its name? Then Cox high speed internet services are the ideal solution. They make internet connection slow downs, hang ups and dropped services a thing of the past using exclusive PowerBoost® technology.

Enhanced Broadband Internet with Cox PowerBoost®

Cox broadband internet services are so smart they can tell when you require that little extra get-go when you're downloading and uploading large amounts of data like pictures and videos. That's when PowerBoost® kicks in to provide you with the extra speed you need to finish the task fast. Forget about the progress bars, with Cox PowerBoost® your internet performance doesn't slow enough to see them.

Get Even More for Less with Phoenix Cox High Speed Internet Services

  • Download speeds as high as 20 Mbps
  • Access to that offers 40 exclusive college games
  • 5GB of FREE storage space with Preferred and Premier packages
  • Listen to all of the music you want with Cox's Rhapsody music service.
  • Get 10 free email accounts with your broadband internet service
  • Free Cox Security Suite Powered By McAfee® - parental controls, anti-spyware, anti-virus, identity protection and much more
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Phoenix Cox Digital Telephone® Plans and Services

Digital home phone services from Cox Communications offer the same quality and dependability that can be enjoyed with their digital cable TV and broadband internet offerings. But higher quality doesn't mean higher rates.

Having dozens of phone functions is great but why spend more for features you may not use? With Cox telephone services you don't need to. Their unique call packages enable subscribers to choose plans with a selection of only the most used features so you get bigger savings and the same great service. Customers can also pick and choose from 16 single features that can be added onto a plan.

Cox calling plans also provide you with the power to select from a number of calling destinations. Being able to control and create your calling plan helps to keep your phone bill to a minimum for both monthly rates and per-minute rates.

Phoenix Cox Digital Telephone® Plans and Offers

Cox Communications offers Phoenix subscribers 6 different phoning plans to pick from. These plans vary in price based on the calling features included and whether calls are being made to local, domestic long distance or international areas.

Cox Calling plans may include:
  • Limitless local calls
  • Enhanced 911
  • Limitless domestic long distance
  • 16 phoning features to pick from, including call waiting ID
  • Calls to 17 Latin countries

Phoenix Cox Bundle Packages

Cox is all about saving subscribers more money on their entertainment and communication services. There is no better way to make the most of their low rates than with a Cox bundle package.

Cox Choice Bundle

  • Cox TV Essential
  • Cox Digital Telephone Starter service with unlimited local calls
  • Cox High Speed Internet Preferred with download speeds of approximately 9 Mbps

Cox Bundle Preferred

  • Cox Advanced TV Preferred
  • Your selection of 1 TV Pak
  • Cox High Speed Internet Preferred Package
  • Cox Digital Telephone Preferred - Unlimited local calls, all the telephone features and 5¢ per minute on domestic long distance

Cox Deluxe Bundle

  • Cox Advanced TV Premier
  • Select 3 TV Paks
  • DVR service provided
  • Cox High Speed Internet Preferred Package
  • Cox Digital Telephone Premier
  • Unlimited local and domestic long distance calling as well as all the telephone features

Ready to see what Cox Communications has to offer Phoenix? Call the toll free number above for quick assistance or enter your address within the secure search form to find Cox packages and deals available in your neighborhood.